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Integration of Eco-design tools into the development of eco-lighting products

May 2013

Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 47, pp. 32-42

Casamayor, Jose Luis; Su, Daizhong

Special Session "Environmental Accounting"  25 - 28 Sept. 2013  5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture (ADM 2013), Valencia, Spain  Markus Werner, Daizhong Su (Editors) N/A

Life Cycle Impact Assessment of PVC Window Frames

24-26 October 2013

Proceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers of Environment, Energy and Bioscience(ICFEEB 2013), Beijing, China, ISBN: 978-1-60595-133-1, published by DeStech Publications Inc., pp. 289-294

Shuyang Ding and Daizhong Su


A global collaborative accounting network to calculate the resource use of products and services


presented at the World Resource Forum 2013

Geibler, Justus, von; Wiesen, Klaus; Mostyn, Robert


Life Cycle Impact Analysis of Industrial Gearboxes

21-23 January 2014

presented at the International Symposium on Theory and Practice of Gearing, Izhevsk, Russia

Zhongming Ren and Daizhhong Su


Forming the Nucleus of a Novel Ecological Accounting System: the myEcoCost Approach


Journal „Key Engineering Materials”, Volume 572, ISSN 1013-9826, pp78-83

Geibler, Justus, von; Wiesen, Klaus; Mostyn, Robert; Werner, Markus; Riera, Nuria; Su, Daizhong; Björling, Sten-Erik; Domen, Tom; Smith, Jonathan; Jenkins, Andrew; Kresse, Stefanie


Comparison of Different Life Cycle Impact Assessment Software Tools


Journal „Key Engineering Materials”, Volume 572, ISSN 1013-9826, pp 44-49

Zhongming Ren and Daizhong Su


Development of Online Recycling Monitoring System for Customer Electronic Products Using the Internet, NFC and RFID Technologies


Journal “Key Engineering Materials”, Volume 572, ISSN 1013-9826, pp 90-101

Wenjie Peng and Daizhong Su


myEcoCost – an Automated Accounting System for Natural Resources and Environmental Emission of Products

20 November 2014

World Resources Forum 2014; Session: Resource Efficiency and Governance

Klaus Wiesen, Justus von Geibler, Laura Echternacht, Robert Mostyn and Frank Kühndel


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