myEcoCost newsletter November 2015

Newsletter #08

Subject: myEcoCost Newsletter November 2015 


myEcoCost project successfully concluded – Thank you!

After three exciting years the project myEcoCost– forming the nucleus of a novel ecological accounting system has successfully concluded by achieving all objectives we set to ourselves in this challenging FP7 collaborative project. One of the greatest successes of the project was the organisation of the project public demo. A major document providing an overview of the vision linked to myEcoCost is the project brochure. We would also like to celebrate numerous scientific publications, participation in relevant events and organisation of webinars that went along with the realisation of excellent research and development work. This effort was backed up with continuous guidance and feedback on real business needs and processes from the industry partners and the Advisory Board.

Many people made it possible to develop the myEcoCost project and many steps within the 3-year project time. We thank all of you for the interest showed and for the support to the project. We look forward continuing the collaboration in follow-up steps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Over the whole project and especially when presenting the myEcoCost vision and the nucleus development to different audiences, we have been often addressed with a number of similar questions. We have collected them and created a Frequently Asked Questions section in the project website. There you can find the questions grouped into four topics: general questions, questions related with the processes, questions about technical aspects, and finally question regarding future potential plans. Visit it and find out even more about myEcoCost!


myEcoCost Video Clip

One more update on our website: do not miss checking out the myEcoCost video clip! This video explains in only 5 minutes how myEcoCost works. It will open your eyes to the numerous possibilities that such a system would offer to both businesses and consumers. A tool that could change our lives, making the possibility for all of us to drive a sustainable lifestyle a step closer to reality. Enjoy watching!




About myEcoCost

myEcoCost is a project co-funded by the European Commission and carried out by a consortium of nine industry and research partners with complementary expertise on the areas of environmental sustainability and accounting, ICT and software development. The team aims at developing an integrated software solution that in the long term will be able to measure the ecological cost of any product or service delivered through the supply chain.

Unlike other ecological or carbon calculators, myEcoCost draws on real supply chain data to calculate the total use of natural resources of a product or service, wherever they are in the supply chain. 

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