myEcoCost Newsletter November 2014

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Less than one year ahead

In less than one year from now, by mid September 2015, myEcoCost will conclude three exciting project years. In this last phase of the project now starting, the main activities concentrate on the concept and system validation. While the resource accounting methodology and the software development and integration are being finalised in the next months, the plans for the different demonstration and validation activities have already started. We will keep you posted with the new achievements!

myEcoCost at the World Resources Forum 2014

From 19-22 October 2014, the World Resources Forum took place in Arequipa, Peru. In the scientific session on Innovation for Resource Efficiency, Klaus Wiesen, a member of the myEcoCost team at the Wuppertal Institute, presented a paper titled “myEcoCost - an Automated Accounting System for Natural Resources and Environmental Emission of Products”. The presentation and the related paper highlight the entire project and focus on the accounting framework including the structure of inventory data.

More information on the conference including the scientific session “Innovation for Resource Efficiency” can be found here.

Successful demo of ecoCost calculation during last progress meeting

Last September the sixth project progress meeting took place on the Isles of Scilly hosted by the partner Climate Friendly Food – Carbon Calculator. The software team performed a demonstration in which a fictive business created a production process, calculated the ecoCost of a product and sent it in form of an ecoInvoice from the business server through the myEcoCost network to a consumer smartphone. This achievement was possible due to the latest developments in all key service components: more functions on the business user software, computational features on the ecoAccounting module, access to LCI data on the data delivery network services, and the new information display on the myEcoCost App. On the left side of the figure, a screenshot of the business user software displays the process modeller which is the foundational accounting element of the system is based on current LCI data methodology and can support any number of inputs or outputs, accommodating very complex processes.

myEcoCost Computation

About myEcoCost

myEcoCost is a project co-funded by the European Commission and carried out by a consortium of nine industry and research partners with complementary expertise on the areas of environmental sustainability and accounting, ICT and software development. The team aims at developing an integrated software solution that in the long term will be able to measure the ecological cost of any product or service delivered through the supply chain.

Unlike other ecological or carbon calculators, myEcoCost draws on real supply chain data to calculate the total use of natural resources of a product or service, wherever they are in the supply chain.

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