myEcoCost Newsletter May 2014


First glance at the myEcoCost ‘app’
The consumers will be able to access their personal ecoCost not only via a web browser on their PC or laptop but also through smart phones and tablets. The consortium members already tested the first version of the consumer client for mobiles last December. Since then, the user interface was polished up and quite a number of new features were added. The pictures below provide a first glimpse of the app on smartphone and tablet displays, respectively (data shown is for testing and does not represent correct values).



First demonstration of the myEcoCost nucleus implementation
Emerging from a major effort of the software design team, the core elements of the myEcoCost nucleus have been designed, implemented, integrated and successfully tested and demonstrated for the first time. The initial nucleus functionality focuses on the end-to-end transmission of test data through a modelled product supply chain, from basic input resources to the end consumer.

With this demonstration, the project also achieved the important CDR milestone (Critical Design Review).


Presentation and demonstration of myEcoCost at TigerLogic developer conference
Enviro Data will present the myEcoCost project at a developer conference for Omnis Studio developers in Frankfurt on May 21, 2014. The presentation will include demonstrations of the various consumer clients for different types of devices and will also cover the challenges encountered when designing client systems for parallel deployment on multiple types of devices. Moreover, another focus of the presentation will be on the overall myEcoCost approach and the importance of making the end consumers and procurers aware of the total cost of their consumption – not only financially but also regarding resource use and environmental impact.

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