myEcoCost Newsletter September 2013


myEcoCost Special Session at ADM 2013 Conference in Valencia

From 25th-28th September 2013, the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture (ADM2013) takes place in Valencia, Spain. The myEcoCost consortium is proud to organize the special sessions A1 and A2 on “Environmental Accounting” on the second day of the conference. The special sessions consist of seven presentations given by the project consortium, and four thematically complementary presentations from other conference participants. More information on the conference including the myEcoCost special sessions can be found here.


Work on System Architecture Completed

The software experts of the myEcoCost consortium have analysed the requirements of the myEcoCost system and transformed them into a software architecture during the last months. Companies participating in the system development will install a myEcoCost server software which will do all ecoCost accounting and calculation. This software adapts flexibly to the individual business needs. Consumer and business users access the system through standard web-browsers. The architecture is described in the report “Functional System and Software Architecture of the myEcoCost System” (Project Deliverable D1.2), of which a summary can be found here. With the architecture completed, the project has also taken the ‘System Requirements and Architecture Review’ milestone.


myEcoCost at the World Resource Forum in Davos

Consortium members will present the paper titled “A global collaborative accounting network to calculate the resource use of products and services” at the much acclaimed World Resource Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The paper gives a short summary about the overall project and shows interim results with respect to the resource accounting methodology. Information on the conference program can be found here.



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