Demonstration Event

On Thursday 18th of June 2015, the myEcoCost Consortium successfully conducted the first public demonstration of the myEcoCost system.

The event took place at GS1 Germany facilities in Cologne and was attended by industry, researchers, journalists, members of GS1 Academic Partnership Committee and members of the project’s Advisory Board. Two rounds of demonstrations took place, with a total attendance of over 50 participants.



During the demonstration, it was shown how different types of industries (a farm, a laundry liquid manufacturer and a distribution and retailer company), all with completely different types of internal business processes, could be accommodated in the myEcoCost system, so that ecoCosts were computed for their products and services.



The ecoCosts are expressed in terms of Material Footprint and of Carbon Footprint, as exemplary environmental indicators of one mass based indicator and one emission based indicator. These values were available at the shelves at the supermarket next to the price and could also be accessed by a smartphone App able to scan the barcode of the product and connect it to the myEcoCost system.



Additionally, the ecoCosts were handed out with the till to the consumer after the purchase and for consumers owning a myEcoCost loyalty card, the information was directly sent to their myEcoCost accounts, where they were able to access the data and monitor the environmental impact of their lifestyles.