WP 5 - Concept and System Validation

This work package aims at an overall validation of the myEcoCost concept as well as of its implementation in the project’s prototype. Based on a thorough planning work package, the validation will be performed in two major phases:

(1) firstly, in consortium-internal trials based on a somewhat distributed laboratory test-bed (i.e. the platform in which appropriate experimentation of the developed modules will be carried out), with core elements in the coordinating partner’s test&verification lab, and complemented by some distributed components at partners’ sites;

(2) secondly, by a pilot implementation involving also industry partners, beta-test users and real-world Internet and wireless communications infrastructures, with invitation to the public – interested industry, EC stakeholders, and end users using myEcoCost terminals with tailored applications.

An extensive assessment of the results based on both, trials and pilot/demonstration, will conclude the work package as well as the project with recommendations for future work, improvement potential and proposed exploitation. The final results assessment of trials and pilot forms the ultimate major element in a continuous task of validation through stakeholder involvement and consultation. This will review results over the whole project lifetime, providing validation elements of all earlier methodology, modelling, design and development phases in the project.

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