WP4 - Communications and Network Infrastructure Development

The aim of this work package is to develop an infrastructure for integration of all required software packages, and enable effective communications amongst all parties involved in myEcoCost networks. The objectives include

  • develop a platform to integrate the software tools, systems, resources and other facilities to fulfil the aim of the project,
  • develop, implement and test the Internet based infrastructure, and
  • enable the managed resources to be available in a controlled manner to the internal systems and external users through several channels.

The platform consists of three layers: upperware, middleware and resources. The upperware layer controls the middleware (grid, web services, agent, mobile computing, semantic web, and ontology) and associated resources (databases, validation, methodology rules). Each of the middleware components will be optimised for purpose to ensure high scalability. The work on the mobile access network will have a particular view on supporting the mentioned status reporting of WP3 in an appealing way to mobile consumers in various environments and with various modern mobile terminals, such as smart phones. Throughout the WP4 work, suitable mechanisms for privacy and data security, such as encryption and IP security protocols (IPsec), will be taken into account as appropriate, in order to support the myEcoCost ambition to provide these features on data flow and transmission levels.

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