WP3 - myEcoCost System Development

This work package will develop all software components required to implement the methodology and supplement it with a number of human user interfaces for people to interact with it. It covers the development of the eco accounting module, its interface into existing financial accounting systems, the data delivery mechanism, how eco accounting will be driven by existing (financial) accounting systems, the “atomisation of added value” modelling tool, eco-design and procurement tools and a “personal impact statement” viewer for consumers. All system interfaces will be developed as software services with an asynchronous protocol to maximise resilience and potential for future integration with other software systems. Each node in the neural architecture will respect the confidentiality of its owner’s data, by inherent security and privacy mechanisms. The development process will be based on a spiral life-cycle process shown in combined with integrated mechanisms in the solutions to allow effective end user experience feedback and communication. The production support tools will be centred on myEcoCost management and analysis during product design, development and production processes. The end consumer tools will allow the consumers to evaluate the impact of their ecoCost allowances, evaluate different alternatives in their consumption patterns and to plan their long-term consumption. The end consumer tools will be developed for both desktop use and mobile units like smart phones and pads. In the development tasks of WP3, a complementary set of tailored software environments will be used. This WP also includes the sub-system testing and the verification of all software components developed, following a requirements-based testing methodology, i.e. the conduction and verification of tests that have been defined on the basis of test cases derived directly from the requirements.

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