Expected Impact

The project will demonstrate how it is technically possible to provide timely and accurate resource efficiency statements.

The complete system will be a distributed ecological decision-support tool designed for complete integration into our economic society. With both top-down and bottom-up pressure to reduce overall environmental impact of production, it is likely that eco-competitiveness will become a key market driver. Tools developed by myEcoCost can contribute to more sustainable consumption and production patterns, as an EcoCost can be easily associated with each sub-component of a manufactured product. Not only will these patterns emerge within businesses, but they could equally have an impact on consumer behaviour, where the most significant overall reductions in eco-expenditures can be made. In order to provide the consumer with a relative understanding of his or her own impact, benchmark figures will be developed, drawing on the concept of environmental space.

With more and more consumers striving for clearly reduced personal ecological footprints to meet a one planet lifestyle budget, significant impact on global sustainability can be achieved.

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