This project will research, develop and test concepts, methods and technical solutions within a generic business process that includes product development, production, sales, administration and waste management / re-cycling / re-use. The work will bring each of these organisational processes into an integrated measurement of ecoCost. The recursive method of data gathering resolves the “complex supply chain” issue completely.

A series of ICT infrastructure components will be arranged:

  • a resource accounting framework to determine “ecoCosts”,
  • an ICT delivery mechanism to transfer the measurement from supplier to customer,
  • benchmark figures for companies and consumers linking to macro level policy objectives, and
  • interfaces for industry and consumers to interpret the measurement to assist decision making.

myEcoCost is not an innovative, generic, resource tracking process. It is an overall monitoring and management tool that can be used in a number of ways, not least of which is to identify the hot-spots of resource consumption where resource and production efficiency measures taken will be most effective.

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