Welcome to myEcoCost

myEcoCost is a novel, bottom up approach to measuring the resource efficiency of products, services and technologies. This project will also demonstrate how it is technically possible to provide timely and accurate resource efficiency statements applicable to business, industry and the everyday consumer.

This FP7 co-funded project is creating a methodology that harmonizes a global network of resource accounting nodes. It provides a means of measuring a product or service’s usage of natural resources in order to inform all stakeholders of this environmentally relevant information.

Consumers, who have historically been overlooked in eco accountability research, are included in the myEcoCost architecture as a primary stakeholder. In this way myEcoCost will enable consumers to become aware of their environmental impact and be incentivised to toe the sustainability line.

The Challenge

Despite nearly two decades of research into environmental life cycle assessments and their harmonisation there is still much to be done.

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Project Objectives

myEcoCost will develop a methodology that defines a global collaborative network of resource accounting nodes.

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